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All you need to know about AI and recommendation systems for digital platforms.


How to recommend the best influencers to any brand with LLMs and social media data

Recommendation systems, traditionally utilized by e-commerce platforms to suggest products to consumers, have evolved significantly…
March 19, 202414 min

The Power of Interactive AI Recommendations in the Loyalty Industry

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, recommendation systems have become a cornerstone of user experience,…
January 11, 202415 min

Loyalty Platforms: 4 AI Strategies for Differentiation and Growth in 2024

The reward and loyalty industry in 2024 stands at a crucial juncture, marked by intense…
December 18, 202313 min
Graphic Illustration of Diverse Rewards Platforms Using Recommendation Systems.

8 Reasons Why All Rewards Platforms Must Use Recommendation Systems

Let's take it back to the basics: rewards platforms are essentially marketing platforms. Their primary…
December 4, 20235 min

How a Reward Platform Increased Revenues by +28% with a Recommendation System

In the rapidly evolving world of reward platforms, staying ahead of the competition often hinges…
December 3, 20238 min
Diverse range of reward and loyalty cards used in recommendation systems

Recommendation Systems for Reward and Loyalty Platforms (2024 Guide)

In an era where personalized marketing and customer-centric strategies are paramount, rewards platforms stand at…
November 21, 202323 min