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Our Story


At the time a CTO of a prominent reward platform contacted me, it was grappling with a significant issue. The platform was showing tasks with rewards to users without any discernment. This approach was not ideal, particularly considering the extensive interaction data they had available. It was apparent that the platform was missing a crucial chance to optimize its revenue.

I proposed the idea of customizing a recommendation engine using a deep-learning model. These models are typically employed for e-commerce with single-price items, but our challenge was different. We were dealing with a system of multi-tier rewards, adding complexity to the data engineering. The CTO of the platform encouraged me to develop a solution. Initially skeptical, I began working on the recommender system.

Two weeks after the beta version was launched, we reviewed the outcomes. The platform experienced a significant 28% increase in revenue with no other changes, leading to a 21x return on investment.

Following the success of this project, I decided to focus on assisting similar platforms in enhancing their revenue and performance through AI.

That marked the beginning of RecoGenius, my new venture in AI-Powered recommendations for online platforms.

Mehdi B.